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OT: Warning Gun Content. Diamondback DB9 "review"

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  • OT: Warning Gun Content. Diamondback DB9 "review"

    Wrote this up for another site I mod, and thought some of the gun people here might be interested.

    No, I dont own the DB9 and there are no pictures as I did not have a camera (and no my cell phone, also known as an electronic leash does not have a camera). What this is, is a non-Glock persons initial impressions on the Diamonback DB9. And I will state up front, I know its not a Glock, and this is not exactly a comparision to them, but one cannot help but compare certain features, its parentage, at least visually is similar but perhaps not as blatant, as any number of 1911 siblings are to the original Colt. It would not be fair to compare it exactly of course and I do not. Simply point out similarities.

    A friend bought one several weeks ago and when my new Guntest issue arrived this week I decided to see how my own impressions might match up, so before reading the issue I asked my friend to bring it to the range Saturday. I ran the better part of two boxes of mixed ammuntion through it, a variety of hollowpoints, and fmj loads from about 6 manufacturers.

    My first impression upon looking was it looked very similar to a Glock, in fact my friend bought it because he said it was the pistol he wished Glock would make, I did not ask him if it has fulfillied his expectations as I wanted to form my own. The slide is the familiar blocky shape, and the overall visual impression is Glock, almost. It is very similar to a Glock, but, with some improvements, at least in my opinion. Two of the things which make me not like Glocks is the grip design, which feels blocky in my hand, and the trigger mounted safety feature. Well, the DB9 does not have the trigger safety, and the grip does not feel as blocky to me, nor is the grip angle that same glock grip angle, or at least it does not feel it to me. It seems much more vertical and feels more comfortable in my hand. So, I already liked it upon first grip than I did the Glocks I have shot, which have been numerous in different calibers.

    Over all shooting impressions were favorable, did not have a single failure to feed even in mixed loaded magazines.
    Accuracy were about what I have experienced in other very small 9MMs, which is to say accurate enough for its intended purpose, very close range self defense. The majority of groups were in the 3+ inch range at 10 yards, someone more familiar might close them up more. But I was very satisfied with it. The sights were very adequate for its purpose, and fast to use.

    One thing I will note, after reading the issue today, is that Guntests marked it down because of the excessively long and sharp trigger. But, honestly I can;t do that. My favorite small pistol the P3AT has a fairly long trigger stroke, and the end and sides of the first one I bought, my wife has one also, were sharp and caused blisters on my trigger finger. I solved this with a few minutes work with a small exacto knife and some small needle files. No harm no foul, sometimes even the best manufacturing molding processes leave flashing or sharp edges, I worked in an injection moding company long enough to know this. In a case like this with such a simple fix I can hardly mark it down much, its not a major malfunction.

    Overall I would be very satisfied with it, moreso than I would be with any true Glock I have shot. Overall build quality as it relates to materials, and long term reliablity will be something that only time will tell. But in the short term, I would not feel poorly armed with it as a CCW pistol. But would run several hundred rounds through it like any CCW handgun before I trust it implicitly.
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    not that I'm a gun guy--snap was just easy to find on Google...

    frankly, guns have no visual 'character' anymore.

    Visually give me an old western 6-gun any day..., they LOOKED like a gun.
    These things all look like black plastic toys...
    (modern technological superiority notwithstanding)

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      Your snap is of a Glock, not a Diamondback DB9 and I did not add pics because I took no pics which I did explain. I did not wish to add someone elses picture, why?, just didn't.
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        hey!, I put up what Google delivered..Whaddo I know...?

        I have replaced it...
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          I've have a DB380 for a couple years. It replaced my...

          ...Ruger LCP. For some reason the LCP had very sharp and snappy recoil that the DB380 doesn't.

          Mine is exceptionally accurate for such a tiny pistol. I can hit 8" steel plates at 7 yards all day with it.



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            Cool thanks for sharing. For us none guns guys what does "CCW handgun" mean? Close Combat Weapon?


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              CCW=Carrying Concealed Weapon

              Originally posted by Jaimie View Post
              Cool thanks for sharing. For us none guns guys what does "CCW handgun" mean? Close Combat Weapon?


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                When he was mentioning close distance stuff that was how my brain came up with it.